Thank you for your interest in writing for Prufrock Academic Press. For more than 30 years, teachers and parents have looked to Prufrock Press for professional learning resources, gifted child identification instruments, and curriculum designed for gifted students, advanced  learners, and twice-exceptional children.

Past experience has shown that a book prospectus is the best way for Prufrock’s staff to review an author’s idea for a new publication. For this reason, Prufrock Press does not consider unsolicited manuscripts.

The academic press is committed to publishing . . .

  • works that contribute to and expand the body of knowledge in the field of gifted education, including new instructional practices and programming based on new or existing models;
  • original and applied research with practical relevance;
  • works that explore the conceptual foundations of the field;
  • historical perspectives and/or policy and policy implication analyses; and
  • works that examine new areas of knowledge or academic study.


For detailed instructions, please download the prospectus guidelines here.

We look forward to receiving your book proposal. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.